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Grab the Opportunity to Acquire New Donors

That moment when a follower decides to make a gift and officially becomes a donor is the moment we all rejoice! It is like catching that perfect wave and riding it to shore. Strategies to engage those prospect followers take much energy and can be very expensive. Efforts to convert that follower into a donor continue your efforts and investments. Then we measure the newly acquired donor’s “LifeTime Value” may be like quick sand. (LTV measures how long will it take to make a return on your acquisition investment and how long with the earnings last until the donor falls into being “extended lapsed”.)

There is an easier way.

The website is up to speed and SEO basic strategies are in place. Now what? Take advantage of the opportunities when they arise. So often a nonprofit fall flat when the opportunity arises when they can promote themselves. For example, when there is a news story on social media or traditional media where

  • someone is busted for animal abuse in a dog fighting circuit. This is (sadly) a great opportunity for an animal care organization to show how they are working to stop abuse and what they are doing to heal injured animals.
  • a local apartment building experiences a home fire making countless families homeless. This is (sadly) a great opportunity for a disaster relief organization to explain how they help these families with food, shelter, clothing and emotional support.
  • cultural chaos happens while media happens skewing the story from all angles. This is (sadly) a great opportunity for the state police/sheriff association to ask for support for they are the ones who cover the costs for officers to get the proper screening and training that is most needed.

The list can keep going on ways we can use current happens to educate the public on how your nonprofit is relevant and important…and how important donor support is to fulfill the service. You better believe Red Cross is on the scene of a home fire and so is their social presence with asks for donor support.

Get ready to be proactive

Here are some simple steps that can help you with donor acquisition with little costs:

  1. Everyone in your organization is a donor raiser.
    It is important that your senior leaders help communicate to everyone that this is so important. No more silos! It is too difficult for a development officer to be everywhere. Train the staff and volunteers and current donors on how to integrate the efforts. They can be the ones to help say, “To help <insert your mission> happen, we count on donor support. Please be a donor.”
  2. Make giving easy.
    On all collateral and posts, provide a simple URL with simple steps, an easy phone number to speak with a human who can process an immediate gift, a quick text code to give from anywhere, a reply slip and return envelope in every handout material. The average adult has a 7 second attention span. Avoid using up that time with them trying to navigate a way to support you before they move onto something else.
  3. Create content for later…when response is needed.
    The techniques in Public Relations need to smash together with Fundraising Marketing. What are some common issues that you are trying to defeat or provide solutions? If your organization is to stop sex trafficking, then you are mortified yet rejoiced when the perverts get caught and the local TV/Radio plasters it all over media channel; as well as, their social pages…which is shared everywhere because everyone has a comment to say. We want this news to happen until it is no more a problem. So, go ahead and make your content ahead of time. Get your story value proposition together by telling the world what you are doing to stop sex trafficking! Now use this the moment that pervert’s story hits the news and tell your story and ask for support.
  4. Grab media when it comes.
    Another opportunity is when media decides to do a feature on your organization to simply support you. You just hit the jackpot! Often media just likes to air/publish nonprofit stories; it is actually a broadcast media requirement for them to keep their FCC License. If you have the opportunity to get featured, be sure to integrate a direct response fundraising component to the story. Create a gift ask Landing Page and ask the media to include it in their feature. Act quick! Don’t let this wave pass! Ride it!

Donor acquisition doesn’t have to be expensive. With observation, preparation, internal education and timing, you can acquire loyal long-term donors without the financial investment.

This blog is to inspire you to take opportunities as they arise!
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